Monday, April 14, 2014

Math Inquiry Project: Next Meeting May 8th

Our next meeting is Thursday May 8th in the morning at the board office! This is our last "official" meeting of the year, so please bring something to share. For example an approach or a strategy you tried and what the result was. Some teachers are trying a new approach to math stations and comparing the difference between end of unit tests after implementing. Others are looking at incorporating more visual instructions and activities in their math class and comparing some specific understandings or concepts. Other ideas are using a simple survey to assess students' perception of their math skills or their comfort with learning math. Or use First Steps in Math diagnostics to focus on a foundational skill, use instruction that builds on this skill, then a re-assess to see if the instruction worked. 

Let me or Janet, or Susan know if you need any support or ideas!

The "What's Math Got To Do With It" books have arrived for those interested in doing a "math book club". We can all pick them up on May 8th! Susan was suggesting that we gather in June for drinks and discussions. I reckon that would be an excellent way to wrap up our project and our school year!

See you all on May 8th!

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